Swing Events

Our event

Swing Deluxe is proud to co-organize with Shake That Swing one of the most popular swing events in Paris.

Launched in sept 2012, « le bal swing » gathers from 200 to 300 dancers once a month at « le Châlet du lac » in Paris where everybody has a great party with two hours of live music and two DJ sets.


Repertoire / skills

Our event is attended mainly by Lindy Hoppers, so we have worked a great deal to adapt our « Swing Manouche » (gypsy swing) to them.

But we also play at other swing events in France (Paris Balboa Lindy hop Blues workshop) and in Europe (Balberna 2013, Bern). Each time we care to adapt our set list to the swing dance(s) of the event.

We choose from 70+ tunes list to build our sets : 3 to 4 minutes songs covering a wide range of tempos (100 – 260 BPM). We can play for all swing dancers, from Lindy to Balboa 😉

Most of all WE LOVE YOU DANCERS ! Please contact us and book us for your events, we will bring a « french gypsy touch » to your parties anywhere !