Swing Deluxe : the « Singing Cabaret Gypsy Swing » band from Paris

Swing Deluxe was formed in 2003 by young musicians from Paris. Year after year, their concerts have evolved into full-scale musical events including singing, swing and Russian cabaret performed at the Jazz clubs of the capital and in various festivals all over France, Europe and the Middle-East.

Gypsy Swing

Said to have been started by the virtuoso guitarist Django Reinhardt in the roaring Paris of the 1930s, Gypsy Swing is without a doubt one of the most significant addition to the European jazz scene. Swing Deluxe recreates the great classics of French and American jazz such as Boris Vian, Charles Trenet, Frank Sinatra or Duke Ellington, with this distinctive French swing. Fresh blood is also brought by the band’s all-original compositions, sung in French. The song’s lyrics can either be amusing, moving or light-hearted, deeply rooted in the Parisian folklore.

The « Manouche » musicians have always been associated to the gypsies and their musical universes naturally blended following the rhythm of their encounters in the clubs of the capital, where musicians jam until sunrise. This is also how Swing Deluxe has learned to play this traditional music from Eastern Europe, thanks to the last gypsy artists of the capital. They have experienced the golden age of postwar Russian cabaret, relaying their flame. This music is an hymn to celebration and the public makes no mistake about it – beating the rhythm or dancing away until losing their breath.

Swing Deluxe makes all these universes its own and pays them tribute during their light-hearted and festive concerts.  They select the most appropriate repertoire according to the spear of the moment and associate them with subtlety.